The Initiative

The initiative enables people to dive into and understand various topics of the digital world: from Opinion Making on the Internet to the Digital Estate and Data Protection and Security – easy to understand, innovative and full of tips and tricks. Topics are suitable for use in workshop groups from various learning backgrounds.

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The Topics

Gaming – Where the Fun Ends

Half of Europe plays video games. Gaming platforms and chats are abused for spreading hate. What can we do about it?

Digital Civil Courage

Social media hold great potential for the good of society. On the negative side: hate and fake. Can we learn civil courage to fight for an internet free from hate?

Digital Democracy

Online petitions and e-elections: What opportunities does the internet offer for democracy? And how can you push back against online hate?

Living in the city of the future

A smart home, autonomous driving and hyperloops: What do smart homes and smart cities have in store for everyday life?

Digital Estate

Who wants to live forever? Our data stays online even when we ourselves have passed away. How can we manage our digital estate?

Digitization and Health

Digital lenses, virtual doctor’s consultations and medical 3D-Print. Which digital services benefit our health?

Opinion Making on the Internet

Believing or knowing for a fact? In what way do fake news, social bots and filter bubbles influence our opinions?

Digital Friendship

From strangers to best friends? Many friendships are made online every day. What value do digital friendships have?

Data Protection and Security

Surveillance, Big Data and data leaks. How do we, as online users, maintain the control over our data on the Internet?

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Enrichment for everyday life or escape from reality? What potential do virtual and augmented reality have for our lives?


An “evil” platform for criminals or a “good” version of the Internet without control? What is the Darknet and how does it work?

Coding: Our Future Language?

Do we need to master a programming language to design the digital world around us? Where can we find coding in everyday life?